soft power


Pictured: Oscar Neyland, Matthew Roche, Christopher Cameron

Photo by Rhea Caldwell Photography 2019


Soft Power is a Melbourne trio led by guitarist/composer Matthew Roche that is a soundtrack to a not-so-distant Utopian world. An all-instrumental outfit of improvised guitar, bass and drums – they collectively challenge expectations associated with pop music and the spoken word. Immersive and inclusive, they beat to the rhythm of their own movement they call ‘post-rock jazz’.

“Easy Listening, the sprawling new album from Melbourne 3-piece Soft Power, melds jazz, prog-rock, and psych to deliver something truly mesmerizing.” – HAPPY MAG

Since the release of “Easy Listening” (Newmarket Music 2018) and “A Breath Is Like a Swinging Door” (Independent 2017), Soft Power have transfixed audiences nationally with their down tempo jazz grooves, art rock vibes and meditative improvisations. Now with album launch tours in Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart and a performance at MONA already under their belt, Soft Power are ready to stride into 2019 with their own quiet revolution.


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Artwork by Liss Harvey 2019

Soft Power will release their new album “Bucolica” on September 20, 2019 (released independently online).

A sonic meditation on suburbia and childhood nostalgia, Soft Power’s third full-length album “Bucolica” explores Roche’s distinctive songwriting for guitar, bass and drums drawing on new influences of Australiana and 70’s prog-rock. It is a vibrant and accomplished vision of song-less songs that hum and murmur with simplicity and warmth. With Oscar Neyland on double bass (The Rookies) and Christopher Cameron (The Rookies, Acolyte) on drums, the duo are the perfect foil for Matthew Roche’s sun-filled guitar hooks. Together, the band create a mesmerising effect that is dynamic, groovy and meditative.

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Niko Schauble at Pughouse Studios in Melbourne, Bucolica’s 10 tracks mark exciting new territory for the band. Featuring 6 new compositions and re-visiting 2 old ones from the past, the improvised aesthetic is paired with tighter arrangements, through-composed pieces and savvy post-production techniques that rewards multiple listens.

Produced by both Matthew and Niko, the production acknowledges the traditions of “acoustic jazz” whilst accompanied with digital studio tweaks to enhance and amplify each tracks peak moment. With some songs accompanied by short interludes and reprises, Bucolica is very much a place that we can sit still for – if only for around 37 minutes.

Bucolica tracklisting:

  1. Loving You Quiet (4:13)
  2. Counting Sheep (3:00)
  3. Child’s Play (5:27)
  4. Sea Change (5:17)
  5. Child’s Play (Reprise) (0:58)
  6. Freddie Was a Dreamer (4:00)
  7. Purity Pt. 1 (0:39)
  8. Purity Pt. 2 (6:11)
  9. Are You Satisfied (3:38)
  10. Bucolica (4:42)

Total running time: 37:47




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