Matthew is currently teaching from his home studio located in Alphington. As a passionate teacher he believes strongly in the power of music to enhance students well-being and mental health and is commited to delivering accessible, practical and engaging guitar lessons to students of all ages and experience.

Matthew’s teaching philosophy is based on the understanding that music is not just an otherworldly talent that ‘you either have or you don’t’ but something that can be crafted from the ground up with proper instruction and deliberate and regular practice. He caters for all levels and abilities, whether you’re a high school student trying to get through your next AMEB exam, a person who has never played one chord before in their life or someone who has been around the traps but has reached a plateau in their playing – he can help take you further on your musical journey.

Matthew is dedicated to giving his students not just a strong understanding of music fundamentals such as chord/scale theory relationships, rhythm/time feel, sound production but also how playing music can greatly relieve tension/anxiety and enhance your own self-awareness.

For beginners an hour or even 30 minute lesson can seem like a long time but after an introductory meeting and depending on students individual interests – you can expect the lessons to be structured on learning and playing through different jazz standards, chord progressions of pop songs, learning the melody to songs, how to improvise, chord/scale relationships, modes, rhythmic principles and subdivisions, ear training, how to create a personal practice routine etc.

Due to the physical nature of guitar, Matthew doesn’t have a strict ‘by rote’ approach to navigating the guitar fretboard and is instead interested in getting students beyond the point of imitating others – the goal is to get them to sound more like themselves.

A discount trial rate is also available for your first lesson to prospective students! (limited to 30 minutes only). Contact Matthew today for prices and to confirm your spot as places are limited.

See the contact page to book your first lesson today!


Matthew is currently available to write note for note transcriptions of any recorded musical performance. Transcriptions are done on a ‘case by case’ basis and quotes are given according to the time needed to complete the transcription, dependent on the harmonic and rhythmic complexity of the musical performance, the instrumentation, whether a simple lead sheet is required or a more sophisticated format is needed such as a big band score etc.

Lead sheet example
What A Little Moonlight Can Do – Dianne Reeves arrangement

Matthew is also available to arrange music for small or larger ensembles.