Alphington Guitar Tuition has been providing specialised and accessible private guitar lessons to students of all ages and experiences since November 2018. Located in a boutique home studio in the inner north, lessons are proudly tailored to students long-term and short-term creative goals. With lessons taught by experienced and dedicated teacher Matthew Roche, Alphington Guitar Tuition is committed to nurturing and developing the next musicians of tomorrow.

Matthew says that “my teaching philosophy is based on the understanding that music is not just an otherworldly talent that you either have or you don’t, but something that can be crafted from the ground up. Unfortunately, some students are put off learning music, playing guitar as they feel like they don’t have enough talent. But with proper instruction, deliberate and regular practice, students can easily achieve their musical goals”.


The lessons are taught in Alphington at Matthew’s guitar teaching studio: a light and spacious room filled with musical instruments, indoor plants and easy computer access.

Students will be given a strong understanding of music fundamentals such as chord/scale theory relationships, exercises to work on rhythm/time feel, tips for sound production.

Due to the physical nature of the guitar, Matthew doesn’t have a strict by rote approach to navigating the guitar fretboard and is instead passionate about getting students beyond the point of imitating others – the goal is to get them to sound more like themselves.


$35 per half an hour lesson

$60 per hour lesson.

A 10% discount applies to students who purchase lessons in blocks of 4 and 8.


Empathetic and knowledgeable, Matthew Roche is passionate about sharing his musical expertise with his students. He believes strongly in the power of music to enhance student’s well-being and mental health and is committed to delivering accessible, practical and engaging guitar lessons for everyone.

With over 5 years experience teaching music privately and within the public school system, Matthew has a strong understanding of music pedagogy and practice, and specialises in contemporary and improvised music.

Also an accomplished composer and guitarist in his own right – Matthew has extensive performance experience as a bandleader of post-rock jazz band Soft Power and bebop jazz band JOYING. He also performs with rock band Hydra Fashion Week and has toured Australia with experimental pop artist Biscotti.