All students have access to personalised guitar TAB and sheet music. Students also have access to their own Google Drive folder which is filled with lesson material and practicing tips to keep you motivated in this challenging time.

If Zoom is not for you, there is the option for asynchronous lessons where video content will be available for you when you want it. Get in touch to find out more!


Alphington Guitar Tuition has been providing specialised and accessible private guitar lessons to students of all ages and experiences since November 2018. Now located at Alphington Community Centre, lessons are proudly tailored to students long-term and short-term creative goals. With lessons taught by experienced and dedicated guitar teacher Matt Roche, Alphington Guitar Tuition is committed to nurturing and developing the musicians of tomorrow.

Matt says that “my teaching philosophy is entirely student-led, individualised and is based on the understanding that music is not just an otherworldly talent that you either have or you don’t, but something that can be crafted from the ground up. Unfortunately, some students are put off learning music, playing guitar as they feel like they don’t have enough talent. But with proper instruction, deliberate and regular practice, students can easily achieve their musical goals”.


Students will be given a strong understanding of music fundamentals such as chord/scale theory relationships, exercises to work on their rhythm/time feel, tips for sound production, as well as developing their appreciation for a range of music styles.

Due to the physical nature of the guitar, Matt doesn’t have a strict by rote approach to navigating the guitar fretboard and is instead passionate about getting students beyond the point of imitating others – the goal is to get them to sound more like themselves.


Currently completing his Master of Teaching (Secondary) at The University of Melbourne, Matt Roche is passionate about sharing his musical expertise with his students. He believes strongly in the power of music to enhance student’s well-being and mental health and is committed to delivering accessible, practical and engaging guitar lessons for everyone.

With more than six years experience teaching music privately and within the public school system, Matt has a strong understanding of music pedagogy and practice, and specialises in contemporary and improvised music.

Also an accomplished composer and guitarist in his own right – Matt has extensive performance experience as a bandleader and touring musician. See projects for more info.


The process of creating sheet music from audio recordings is called transcription.

Matt specialises in transcribing pop music and can help singer-songwriters write down their music on paper so they can present it to a band professionally, confident that they will be understood by musicians.

He also can transcribe improvised solos for you on guitar or just about any other melodic instrument. For a guitar transcription, TAB is included.

At the completion of the project, the sheet music will be sent to you professionally edited and arranged as a PDF.

For a prompt and accurate quote, please send Matt the music you want transcribed, either as a high-quality MP3 demo or a Youtube/Spotify link and be clear about what part of the song you want transcribed. I.e the chord progression of an original song, an improvised solo that starts at 0:43 seconds etc.

Prices will vary depending on the complexity level of the music and what you want exactly transcribed. For example, lead sheets of demo recordings typically fall within the $30-$50 bench mark.

Matthew requires a 50% deposit to start work on any new project.
Visit the contact page to enquire about a quote today.
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