SHAYAN is unique and unusual in many ways. Although it is essentially a jazz band, the ensemble is inspired by different genres and doesn’t sit in one place for long.

Formed by saxophonist and composer Omid Shayan, the group began as and quintet after he won first prize in the Darebin Music Festival Composition Competition. This allowed him to focus his energy on composing for the group and provided enough funds to record their 2016 self-titled EP.

As the music matured and evolved, so too did the band and a horn section was added to the mix. SHAYAN is now a seven-piece and features some of the most creative improvisers in Melbourne, bringing together established musicians with some of the best young talent on the scene.

 In 2019 the ‘Shayan’ went into the studio and recorded their debut album Sounds From Cross Street, a nine-track instrumental album named in honour of The Cross Street Music Hall in Brunswick, Melbourne.

Eugene Ball -Trumpet

Cheryl Durongpisitkul – Alto sax

Omid Shayan – Tenor sax

Scott Van Gemert – Trombone

Matt Roche – Guitar

Costa Hagi – Bass

Alexandra Roper – Drums

By mattroche

Guitarist and composer.