Lilly Tunley

lilly tunley

The indie pop group ‘Lilly Tunley’ is a band of ‘talented musicians and gentle souls.’ The band who met at university decided to begin gigging singer/songwriter Lilly Tunley’s original compositions in early 2014. Lilly Tunley’s sophisticated songwriting merges Tadd Dameron-esque jazz harmonies with the openness of a pop/folk singer after your own heart. The talented vocalist, Lilly Tunley, is supported by drummer Christopher Cameron, double bassist Elise Winterflood trumpeter Nic-Ryan Glenie and electric guitarist Matthew Roche. Tunley’s warm and clear vocal tone and her ability to write complex and interesting melodies mixed together with the band’s inherent musicality leaves their audiences enraptured.

Influenced by artists such as Kimbra, Feist, Regina Spektor and Florence and the Machine, this alternative pop band’s jazz roots have inspired the collectives’ sound as evidenced through their funky beats, pop choruses and jazz harmonies. Lilly Tunley and the band are fresh from releasing their debut single ‘Help Me’ recorded alongside their EP titled ‘Noticing You’ recorded at Pughouse Studios and engineered by Niko Schauble. Their, playful and honest, seven track debut EP celebrates the nuances of relationships.“When it comes to making music; we are all in it for the love of it,” says Lilly. “There isn’t a better feeling than being able to express the every day struggles that people face in an art-form that people can access and relate to.”