Lilly Tunley

Formed in between sunny afternoons of singing with the kettle on and studying at University in 2014, Lilly Tunley features Lilly on vocals/compositions, Christopher Cameron (Acolyte, The Rookies, Soft Power) on drums, Phoebe Elsworth (WVR BVBY) on piano, Elise Winterflood (Alanna and Old Hat, Quadrifid, La Busca) on double bass and Matt Roche on guitar (Soft Power, JOYING, Hydra Fashion Week).

Since the release of their debut EP ‘Noticing You’ in 2016, Lilly Tunley has merrily weaved their way through the Melbourne jazz scene. Led by Lilly’s warm and clear vocal tone and her sophisticated songwriting, the band are known for their captivating and inclusive live performances. With refreshing original compositions inspired by pop and folk artists such as Florence and the Machine and Regina Spektor, her lyrics articulate a deeper search for belonging, love and acceptance.

Lilly Tunley are now a regular name at the Paris Cat Jazz Club in Melbourne. Audiences flock to see them perform exciting interpretations of jazz standards from the African-American music traditions and to watch their unshowy musical voices unfold into engaging and inspired improvisations.


By mattroche

Guitarist and composer.