Lilly Tunley

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Lilly Tunley is a Melbourne based singer-songwriter who has the rare ability to effortlessly blend jazz harmonies and funk rhythms with intimate and sophisticated storytelling. Equally comfortable in settings as diverse as jazz, pop and folk, Lilly is an in- demand vocalist.

The band who met at university decided to begin gigging singer/songwriter Lilly Tunley’s original compositions in early 2014. ‘Whatever connects these musicians together is something that creates a sound that infuses a range of inspirations like a well-mixed chai tea. There’s a cool jazz flavour from the bass and trumpet, drums that bop and bounce as a tasty undercurrent and a guitar that comes and goes like a waning and waxing moon.’ – Aaron Monopoli, Happy Magazine.

Fresh from their recent debut EP release “Noticing You” the band are workshopping brand new tunes before focusing on a residency in the coming months. Their, playful and honest, seven track EP celebrates the nuances of relationships and was released in April 2016. Tunley is joined by drummer Matthew Head, double bassist Elise Winterflood, pianist Phoebe Elsworth, trumpeter Kelly O’ Donohue, and guitarist Matthew Roche.

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